Before the big 3-0 (and maybe even after!) you’ve got the time, stamina and spirit to have the time of your life, regardless of the day of the week – and here’s a few places to start.

Markdown Mondays

food pub meal photography tasty fish chipsThere’s no better way to cure Mondayitis than getting dressed up and spending the evening out, rather than on the couch.

Businesses generally see Monday as a “down” day, so they are practically giving away food and drinks!

You can kick back at Cargo Bar with a $10 steak , enjoy a pot of mussels and a movie for just $24 at Redfern’s Wolfpack Hotel or throw back a few $3 Pure Blondes by the beach at Ravesi’s.

Tip-Top Tuesdays

Tuesdays are often a whole lot better than Mondays – after all, you’re one day closer to freedom, which calls for a celebration.

If you are under the impression you can’t have a wild Tuesday night, think again.

Head to karaoke at World Bar for a smashing night and in the summer months, check out what is without a doubt the coolest thing you could be doing on a Tuesday night – drinking, enjoying live art and playing Nintendo 64 amidst dinosaurs and whale skeletons at Jurassic Lounge, in the Australian Museum.

Wicked Wednesdays

If you’re twenty something, you very may well be a student, but even if you’re not, you can still enjoy all the benefits of the widely acclaimed “student night”.

If you’re up for trekking to the eastern suburbs (or you’re a local), The (recently refurbished) Eastern is packed to the brim with partygoers every Wednesday night.

If you’re city bound and looking for a cute foreigner to dance with, check out The Scary Canary, where all house drinks are $3.50 from 8-9pm.

Thumping Thursdays

cocktail blue fruit martini glass Everyone knows that Thursday is practically the end of the week, because really, who actually works hard on Friday?

Get your dancing shoes on and head to La Cita for a wild night of latin American fun or get stuck into a hearty meal and check out some awesome local talent at The Lansdowne.

If it’s a sweet beverage or five you’re looking for, seek out the $9 cocktails at Zanzibar in Newtown or hit up a 2 for 1 cocktail special at The Rose or The Argyle.


The end of the week has finally arrived, so regardless of whether or not you’ve already partied throughout the week, it’s time to hit the town.

If you’re looking for more of the same never ending party that is the city, make sure to stop in at Goodgod Small Club, Bar 333, Ching-A-Lings and pretty much anywhere else serving alcoholic beverages.

If you want something a bit more alternative, just some of the many different things on offer include regular roller derby bouts, burlesque shows, live music and artist showcases.

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