With long hours in the office, your social life might be suffering and if you’re single, a hectic schedule makes it that much harder to meet someone special. Whether you’re hunting for your soul mate, or just out for a good time, try these suggestions on for size.

Speedy Gonzales

speed dating date men women singlesI know what you’re thinking…speed dating, really?!

If what you’re picturing is a tacky set up in the back of a Chinese restaurant, stop right now and clear your head.

Speed dating has come a long way and it’s definitely not a “last resort” – whether you walk away with butterflies or you didn’t see any sparks fly, you’re bound to have fun in the mean time.

It can be especially fun to speed date with a big group of single friends – it often ends up leading to a bigger group of friends, if nothing else!

Popular speed dating locations include The Ivory Lounge in Ultimo and Surry Hills’ cosy bookshop come wine bar Ampersand.

No “I” in Team

If you’re in need of some regular exercise and looking for a special someone, kill two birds with one stone – join a mixed sports team.

The CBD and surrounding suburbs are booming with local sport teams, many of which are composed of young to middle aged adults of both sexes.

Training, matches and post-game celebrations are a great way to socialise, and will give you a chance to get to know the person you’re interested in before diving in and asking them out for a drink.

Diamond in the Rough

attractive barista male tattooMany couples will regale you with the tale of how they met, and more often than not, they were acquaintances long before they fell in love.

It might come as a surprise, but perhaps your perfect partner is already a part of your life, whether they make your coffee each morning, ¬†go to your gym, are a friend of a friend or always seem to be at the dog park when you’re there.

All it takes it a simple gesture; if you start a conversation, you never know where it could lead.

Share your experiences of looking for (and finding) love in the ceaseless movement of Sydney in the comments.

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