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“See the past like you wouldn’t believe.”

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Funky Monkey

If you love history, or maybe just like having a good ol’ laugh at the weird, wonderful and downright ridiculous aspects of days gone by, then you will love Retronaut.

Retronaut is a carefully curated and indexed picture archive of photos and print media, capturing moments in history from all around the world. To browse the archive you can just look through the newest photos that have been added on the main page; or you can choose from categories such as ‘Famous People’ or ‘Fashion and Beauty’ for example, or via eras and clusters.

Retronaut is truly a treasure trove. There’s pictures of Bob Marley as a teen playing soccer, there’s Londoner’s in gas masks during the Blitz in 1940, and even some hilarious fashion snaps from the 1970s, just to mention a few.

The website also has its fair share of the bizzare (something which I would assume pulls in most of its visitors). There’s a picture of the newly erected headstone of a girl who was “eaten by mountain rats” in 1876, an 1860s attempt at photoshop where photographers have imposed a man’s head onto a woman’s body, and even a photograph from 1928 of a ferris wheel full of Klu Klux Clan members.

Just one tip: before you go to the website make sure you’ve got a few spare hours set aside, as you will most likely loose track of time browsing through the pictures, and before you realise you will have missed dinner as well as your usual bedtime.

You can even help to ‘curate’ the website yourself. If you have a photo in your own personal collection, or if you’ve seen something that you think just needs to be shared, you can submit it to the website for approval.

And this dLooker isn’t the only person that’s a fan of Retronaut! Celebrities like Dita Von Teese and Jeremy Vine have also voiced their love for the website.


So if you are a history nerd, love photography or just like laughing about how ridiculous some of our ancestors were, check out Retronaut!

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