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“Wattpad is a New Way to Read. An unlimited, ever-growing library of free books and stories all in the palm of your hand! On Wattpad, millions of people are discovering great fiction, sharing stories with friends and following their favorite authors chapter-by-chapter.”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

This dLooker’s first impression of Watt Pad made me think of FanFiction.net. Like FanFiction.net you can read stories, poems, prose or even novels contributed by undiscovered as well as published writers, follow them chapter by chapter, or even read the whole thing in one go – all for FREE. The one main difference here though it that Watt Pad contains original stories, less teenage girls and has much better writers.

As any aspiring writer knows, it is often very hard to get published. No matter how good your story is or how well you write, publishing is controlled by supply and demand – if they don’t think that you’ll have an audience that they can make a profit from they won’t publish you.

That’s where Watt Pad comes to the rescue for both readers and writers. It gives writers a platform where they can display their talents, and it also gives readers a chance to find literature that they may not be able to anywhere else. What’s even better is that Watt Pad not only encourages writers by giving them a platform, but in the last couple of years it has also held writing and poetry competitions, giving them even more exposure.

While going through the site I came across lots of works that intrigued me and I’ve bookmarked them to read later! If you choose to become a member of the site (again, for free) you also join an online community of writers or book lovers. You can share your work with others and receive feedback, or even be the one to give feedback yourself.

Don’t want to bother trawling through works from undiscovered writers? Not to worry! I also spied works by well-known authors such at Margaret Atwood on the site as well.

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So if you’re an amateur writer that dreams of big success, or if you’re simply sick of going to your local bookstore and coming out empty handed, visit Watt Pad and get reading!

(Watt Pad can be accessed on your computer, tablet, phone or even Kindle)

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