Whether you’re in training to take out a round of trivia that’s all about Sydney, your homework has asked you to find out some interesting things about Sydney or you’re just one of those people that loves knowing random facts, you’ve come to the right place.

A Numbers Game

number letter collage brown black greyLet’s start with the population – Sydney’s total population is currently sitting at 4.6 million, a whopping 20% of Australia’s total population (take that Canberra).

While the CBD is only 25km squared, the total area classified as Sydney extends 12, 000km squared.

The Opera House cost a sizeable $102 million to build (waaaaaaay over the $7 million it was budgeted to cost…).

On a similar note, Point Piper is the world’s 9th most expensive street, with houses costing an average of a casual $7 million.

Our New Year’s Eve fireworks, arguably the best in the world, are reported to generate $156 million for the local economy.

We’re Winners

number one team work winner business motivationalIf you’re a Sydney local, there’s nothing quite as sweet as hearing we’re the best at something, so here’s a few things to brighten your day:

Sydney is home to Australia’s largest outdoor art exhibition, (you guessed it) Bondi’s “Sculptures by the Sea”.

Our fish market is pretty big as well – the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere in fact, and 3rd largest on the planet.

Our harbour tips the scales as well, being the deepest natural harbour in the world.

Woolworths Carols in the Domain remains the largest free Christmas carol concert since 1982.

Shocking Truths

shock surprise vintage retro 50s woman black and white portraitIf you think we’re a pretty history rich city, stop and consider for just a second – Sydney wasn’t even officially a city until 1842.

Funnily enough though, our history provides plenty of interesting tidbits – did you know that the first official police force was made up of the 12 best behaved convicts?

The  Sydney Harbour Bridge is painted grey because it was the only paint colour with stocks of 272, 000 litres available.

And to close – remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics? They cost a mammoth $6.6 billion.

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