If you’re a music purist, keep reading. Even if you’re not, but you’re looking for a present or just want to dabble in vinyl, read on for all you need to know about finding the best of the best in Sydney.

A Lost (format of) Art?

records vinyl stack shelf bookcaseWhile buying and collecting vinyl, or any physical music format, may seem like a very niche hobby in the present day, you might be surprised to know that last year global vinyl sales pushed a new record at $171 million.

It might be nothing compared to the $16.5 billion spent on digital music, but it does indicate that there is a growing interest in the classic format, regardless of whether it holds the latest releases or classic tracks.

Some people are sceptical, claiming vinyl collection is a phase being steered by 20 something year olds that will quickly pass; but others have faith that the growing population of collectors will halt the move to digital only music sales.

The All Rounders

record store shopping stacks coupleBecause record stores are generally few and far between compared to other businesses, many take the approach of stocking just about everything they can get their hands on, from old to new and soul to heavy metal.

Revolve Records & Relics in Erskineville is all about having something for everyone, including local and international acts, as well as both originals and re-releases.

The CBD’s Red Eye Records appreciates that even within the relatively small pool of record collectors, every person is looking for something different, so they have a huge range on offer, including a big host of new releases and Aussie artists.

Egg Records is more than just a record shop, with collectables and memorabilia on offer in addition to an eclectic mix of new and second hand records.

The Specialists

title music record store surry hills sydneyFor some people, “a record store” is not enough – they need a country record store, or an independent only record store. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Fish Fine Music pride themselves as the king of all things jazz/classical, with operas, stage numbers, even experimental music to fluff up your collection.

Not only is the associated bar across the hall amazing, Mojo Music is all about selling what they want to sell, so make sure you ask the staff about their favourite records, from psychedelic to surf, and everything in between.

Newtown’s Repressed Records is a voice for the masses, specialising in lots of locally and independently produced music trying to break onto the scene, so if you want to discover bands before they’re big, head west.

TITLE Music Film Books, both in Surry Hills and Crows Nest, must love serendipity; the hand picked collection has no real order, so you’re likely to discover awesome vinyl by chance…or fate.

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