Burlesque is making one hell of a comeback, and just like Paris, Sydney is the perfect place to catch dinner (or a drink) and a show.

A Sight to Behold

dita von teese burlesque cabaret showgirl SydneyWatching a dance performance might not be for everyone…but burlesque? A whole different ball park.

More than a dance, burlesque is a comedy act, a dramatic piece and often, a magic show – all of which make it such an exciting and enthralling performance art.

Burlesque is defined as a dramatic, literary or musical piece intended to cause laughter by caricaturing serious works, or by a ludicrous portrayal of their subjects.

Burlesque is more than just feathers, sequins and tassels; it’s a masterpiece of mockery which also happens to exhibit the beautiful (traditionally) female form.

Home Grown Talent

burlesque photography model performer dancer Sydney With such a rich culture and on the beat social scene, it’s no wonder that Sydney has embraced the ever growing popularity of burlesque.

Whether names like Lauren LaRouge, Holly J’aDoll or Moira Finucane ring a bell, you can rest assured that you’ll find just as much fun, glamour and shock value in Sydney as you will anywhere in Europe.

Aussie women – and men – are involved in burlesque in growing numbers, with many dance schools now offering to teach the style, along with ballet and contemporary dance.

Bringing Down the House

burlesque performer glass swimming tease wet dancerIf your interest has been sparked, I encourage you to dive into the world of burlesque with one of Sydney’s many performance nights.

Sometimes incorporated into larger events and other times a show in itself, you’ll find burlesque spattered all over the city.

Sydney venues which regularly host burlesque included The Vanguard and The Factory Theatre in the inner west, The Standard, Dome and Slide Lounge in the city’s east and The Arthouse Hotel in the city centre.

A not to be missed event in Sydney is the Australian Burlesque Festival, an annual national tour of home grown and international performers that will leave you astounded.


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