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“Having an irrational fear or phobia of an animal or situation is quite common and can be treated. Fear Drop is an online treatment system designed to help people overcome their fears through the principle of graded exposure.”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

Everybody knows that a fear of spiders is pretty common, and living in Australia, there’s plenty of eight-legged furry monsters around to scare the pants off you.

Apart from our wealth of poisonous critters, there’s also lots of harmless spiders. In particular, the monstrous huntsman is one of the scariest harmless things this dLooker has ever seen!

But don’t be fooled by their ‘harmless’ label – the tendency of huntsman spiders to hide in vehicles and jump out at unsuspecting drivers causes a fair few accidents on our roads. Getting your fears under control is a great thing to do to ensure you are not a victim of one of these hairy tricksters.

Fear Drop provides an online treatment for those suffering from spider phobia. Developed by the Faculty of Health and Science at the University of Tasmania, this program begins with an introductory questionnaire to work out just how bad your fear is. You then work through the appropriate levels. To complete each level, you have to watch either an image or a short video of a spider multiple times over.  You have to indicate your anxiety levels at intervals between the repetitions – if you don’t experience an adequate drop in anxiety, you repeat the level and watch the same image or video again.

This dLooker has given it a try, and watching those spiders crawl around over and over again is beginning to inspire more fascination than terror. The slow loading time between levels is a minor drawback, but it’s a great place to start for those want to tame their fears!

Fear Drop is looking to expand their treatment programs to other scary things – heights, snakes, dogs, even small spaces may be on the horizon!


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