The Christmas season is once again (somehow) fast approaching, so here are a few ways for kids and adults alike to get into a festive spirit and create gifts that are anything but ordinary.

Number 5 – Ornaments

tree ornament bird fabric hand madeThis is a great one for the kids, but it’s also the perfect xmas DIY project for anyone looking for refined glamour rather than tacky glitz when decorating the Christmas tree.

The key is to think outside the square – don’t just whack some glitter on a round bauble, write your family members’ names, use unusual materials to create snowflakes, angels and hearts or incorporate beading for an eye catching finish.

Number 4 – Christmas Pudding

Now I’m personally not a fan of traditional Christmas pudding, but that’s just the point – if you’re making your own, you can decide exactly what goes in and what gets left out (prunes, ugh!).

Wow your family and friends with you very own version of a Christmas pudding, starring a new ingredient such as cranberries, dark chocolate or honeycomb.

Number 3 – Gift Tags & Cards

christmas gift tags ideas stock imageSometimes it’s the little things that make a difference, and hand made gift tags and cards are certainly one of those small things.

Whether you draw an original design which is scanned and photocopied or use card paper, ribbon and creative colours to make totally individual pieces, everyone will appreciate your effort.

Number 2 – Centerpieces

Christmas revolves around food in most families, and imagine if that food revolved around a beautiful home made centerpiece!

You can go traditional, using holly, pine cones and a red/green colour scheme, or bold and modern, using native flowers, glass and a pastel or monochrome palette.

Number 1 – Fragrances

glam modern luxury christmas treeWhether you make these as a gift, or simply to prepare your place for a flurry of visitors, home made fragrances are a simple, elegant choice.

You’ve got endless options as far as scents go, from citrus to flowers to essential oils and many forms, including potpourri, scented candles and misting sprays.

Whatever DIY project you choose, there’s no doubt you’ll be rewarded with big smiles, praise and genuine joy for the love and effort you put into your work.

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