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If you’ve ever studied a language, you’ll know how much time, effort, and money has to be put into class after class, exercise after exercise, and presentation after presentation. With the advancement in technology over the last few decades, you might have wondered when they were going to invent easy ways to learn languages – perhaps something akin to the instant upload of Kung Fu skills to Neo’s brain, as seen in the Matrix.

Unfortunately, we are not that far yet. However, Duolingo presents us with a brand new language learning program, that is both fun and easy.
Signing up to Duolingo is completely free. The company runs on profits made from translating documents, which means that users are not interrupted by ads.

The topics each contain around 7 or 8 lessons, which each take around 5-10 minutes to complete. The lessons are set out like a game, you start with three hearts, and lose them at each mistake. If you lose all three, you redo the lesson. According to the makers, this game format makes Duolingo addictive. You can also play on your phone or tablet, with the free apps, so now your commuting time can be well spent on your new language.

Duolingo can help beginner learners as well as advanced learners, with multiple checkpoints that you can skip ahead to – if you can pass the test!

To ensure that you login and keep studying on a daily basis, Duolingo sends reminder emails and notifications. You can opt out of these if you find it annoying, but many learners out there find a daily reminder helps increase their motivation to learn.


Duolingo is also backed up by independent scientific studies, which found that the content of an entire one-semester university course could be learned through Duolingo in about 34 hours. With this scientifically proven label, in addition to the countless scientific studies that recommend language learning as a defence against dementia, Duolingo couldn’t ¬†come with a better recommendation.

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