Bike riding is more than just a Sunday afternoon activity – it’s an enjoyable commute, a fierce workout and a life style for many.

An Underground Culture

bike ride sydney to gong cyclist familyCycling has always been there, but it’s become more than just a casual interest for some Sydneysiders – I know because my family has been roped into it.

There’s my uncle, who enjoyed a challenge riding from Annandale to the city centre for work most days of the week (until an accident left him with months of physio).

Then there’s my brother, who recently got his hands on a great racing bike through a work mate for a great rate – he knew some people in the business.

Both teamed up last weekend to complete the Sydney to Gong bike ride, a gruelling 90 km ride that brings together professionals and amateurs to raise money for multiple sclerosis.

At events like these, you realise just how many people really have a deep seeded passion for cycling and how it brings people together.

Cycle Friendly City

With a 100% increase in the number of cyclists over the last 3 years, peaking at 31 600 riders each weak, the city of Sydney has responded in kind.

The biggest change has been the institution of up to 200 km of bike paths, with 55 km of “bike only” lanes, which separate cyclists, pedestrians and traffic, making riding a much more safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

At a grass roots level, the local government also has free bike maintenance courses on offer, as well as Try2Wheels events which offer advice on everything from routes to work through to the best bike for your interests.

Jump In (…or On)

bike race cyclists wheel shoesIf you’re new to the cycling scene, or just never really thought of it as a group activity, it’s time to join your comrades.

For advice, opinions, the latest research and some generally entertaining musings, check out Sydney Cyclist – a website devoted to blogging, discussing and informing about all things cycling.

If you want a more active kind of group involvement, why not check out the Sydney Cycling Club, which offers organised rides 6 days a week, races, tours and of course, social events.

If you’re looking to purchase your first bike, upgrade or find the unfindable accessory, check out Sydney Cycle Ways for a list of inner city bike shops.

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