With the holiday season just gearing up, many of us are jet-setting off on trips all around the world. Lucky for us, we are living in one of the the most beautiful countries in the world. From the budget holidays to the luxury getaways, everyone can find something to suit their budget, right at home.

For those with expensive taste…

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For those with a bit of extra spending money, some of Australia’s most dazzling natural beauties are in reach. Spend the weekend in the Whitsundays, getting lost and lazy between the 74 islands.
Uluru dLook
If swimming isn’t your thing, hop off to the NT for a close up look at Uluru. With magical views during the day or night, visitors always come home raving about the Australian icon. The night sky in the outback is alone worth the trip – all those stars are a sight for sore eyes.

Those of us lucky enough to live in Sydney can still feel miles away by booking an overnight stay at Taronga Zoo.

Wake up with elephants and tigers at the crack of dawn and be taken on exclusive, behind the scenes tours. Though this might be cheaper than travelling away from home, the nightly rate is still pretty high and you’ve got to book well in advance.

Trips on a Budget

Then again, if you haven’t been keeping on top of your savings this year, or the lingering economic downturn has still got you in the mood for doing it cheap, there’s still a lot of options.

Fill up your ruckssack with camping supplies and hop on a train. There are camping grounds up and down the Australian coasts, and plenty of outback or country escapes for those wanting to travel inland. You can do this almost for free if you’ve got all the right equipment.
Whitsundays dLook

Get Packing!

With all the beautiful weather we get during the Australian summer, it’s understandable that we get a little restless at this time of year. Don’t feel guilty – just plan something and make the most of the holiday season. Life is certainly too short to hold back, so get out of town and spend some quality time with the special people in your life.

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