Christmas is often a very reflective time, so why not use it to reflect on how you can have an eco-friendly, sustainable Christmas that carries on into the new year.

Three Wise Eco-warriors

keep cup sustainable gift present idea coffeeWhether you’ve never really thought about it, or you are an eco-conscious guru, it can’t hurt to get into green living at Christmas, and a great place to start is your gift buying.

A gift focusing on sustainability may not be something your giftee would buy for themselves, but that’s just the point – introducing people to something a little different is a great way to create interest.

There are a huge range of environmentally aware products out there, with many sitting comfortably in the $10-30 range, for example the Keep Cup, an iPhone mounting system for your bike and for kids, anything that’s not battery powered (e.g.gliders, kites and tea sets – you know, the good stuff).

Joy To The Future!

comic strip wrapping paper alternatives ideasWhen it comes to having a sustainable Christmas, you can’t just stop at the gifts – we want the whole shebang.

And when you give it a bit of thought, it’s easy really – everywhere you look, there’s something to skip, minimise or swap.

Take your wrapping paper – instead of buying paper just for wrapping gifts, why not use what you’ve already got (including comic strips from the newspaper, crossword puzzles and even maps).

When it comes to Christmas lunch and dinner, try to buy all your ingredients from local producers, keep gas burning to a minimum by preparing lots of cold dishes and if you have to use disposable plates, choose the bio-degradable variety.

Oh (Sustainable) Christmas Tree

unique different modern sticker christmas tree decal wall artBelieve it or not, buying a real tree each year over the artificial kind may actually be the environmentally conscious way to go.

Obviously artificial trees last year in, year out (we’ve had ours for about a million years), but when they get thrown out, they end up in landfill just like everything else and the plastic they are made from takes a very long time to breakdown.

When you choose a real tree, you can sleep a bit easier at night knowing that these trees are farmed sustainably, contribute to removing green house gases from the atmosphere while they grow AND you get to enjoy the delicious smell of pine needles every day.

Another great idea is to think outside the box when it comes to your Christmas tree – use decals, wood, fabric or anything else you have laying around to create a beautiful tree.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful and hopefully a sustainable Christmas!

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