If you are racking your brains over what to serve for Christmas dessert this year, don’t lose any sleep over it. Have a look around at your local patisseries to see what’s on offer to make your life easy – our favourite here at dLook is the macaron.

Dazzle Your Senses

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Delicious, melting in your mouth, macarons are irresistible. The exciting range of flavours, including savoury, means that macarons will give your dinner parties a wow-factor.
Macarons Sydney Town Hall
Made from two delicate pieces of flavoured meringue stuck together with jam, ganache, or buttercream, you can find them in most pastry shops these days.

Go out and taste what is on offer near you. Keep in mind, all macarons were not created equally – make sure you get your hands on ones that are delicate, crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and positively bursting with exciting flavours.

World class chef Adriano Zumbo has really brought these tasty treats into the spotlight over the last few years, but if you haven’t got the money to spend on his wild combinations (Thai Green Curry is my personal favourite), there’s plenty of more affordable options available.

Explore Your Local Patisserie

A long time favourite in our office here at dLook is Poff, tucked away at the underground entrance to Town Hall station across from the movies. At $1 a macaron, these are the best cheap and cheerful delights in the area. If you are buying bulk these are an even better bargain – buy ten and get two for free.
Macarons Sydney Town Hall
You can also put in special orders for jumbo sized macarons – what more could you want??

I can personally recommend the salted caramel – truly out of this world. Other hot favourites are the red velvet, black seasame, or the blueberry and earl grey combination makes a great afternoon tea snack.

Relax With Macarons This Summer

So focus your efforts on preparing a delicious main meal, and leave the dessert to your local patisserie and their take on the macaron. Just sit back and relax with the most exciting flavours on offer this holiday season.

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