If you’re anything like me, anything that will knock a few dollars off the weekly grocery bill is welcomed, and as a DIY-er, I’m keen to try making a few weekly grocery items instead of buying them.


yoghurt home made recipe idea easy costThe biggest investment here is time, with yoghurt taking around 6 hours to make yourself. Apart from that, making your own yoghurt is cheap as chips.

The only ingredients you need are 2 litres of milk and 1/2 a cup of store bought yoghurt with an active culture – this is the key to transforming ordinary warm milk into deliciously rich and creamy yoghurt.

No special equipment required, all you need is a saucepan and a warm oven – check out a simple recipe here.


hummus homus home made recipe cheap easyHummus is one of the things I always umm and ahh about buying – it’s a ridiculous mark up on something so cheap and simple to make yourself.

Whack salt, lemon, chickpeas and garlic in a food processor and voila, hummus for as little as 10 cents a tablespoon.


If you’re a habitual snacker, save your pennies by making your own cheaper, tastier and even healthier chips by choosing to bake instead of fry.

With a mandolin, you can create chips with potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and just about any root veggies!

Ice Cream

easy home made icecream recipe simple ingredients how toWhether you make it by hand  or you invest in an ice cream machine, home made ice cream will save you money and impress guests, the kids or that special someone.

You can enjoy a deluxe vanilla ice cream for as little as $4 a litre, but of course you can diversify your flavours endlessly for little additional cost.

Museli Bars

The best thing about making your own museli bars is the total freedom – if you hate sultanas or can’t get enough of sesame seeds, it’s totally up to you what makes the cut.

To save the most with making your own museli bars, keep expensive ingredients such as nuts to a minimum and use filling ingredients such as pumpkin seeds and oats instead.

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