For this latest edition of Friend or Foe, I’ve decided to change tack a little bit and focus on a food with an extremely good reputation.

The Australian Government recommends consuming 2 serves of fruit everyday, but are we overdoing it on the fruit front?

What is so good about fruit anyway?

Well, it’s delicious. Some fruits have some pretty good anti-oxidant properties, especially berries and grapes (see the post on wine for more on this).

Fruits are also typically high in fibre, so they fill you up pretty well and keep your insides working properly.

Humans need a certain amount of sugar in their diet, and the best place to get that is from fruit.

But how much is too much?


melons-197025_640More than 2 servings a day is too much!

More than this is overkill, and floods your system with too much sugar – our sweet nemisis.


Which fruit is best?

Just like any other dietary advice, when choosing your fruits variety is key.

With a mix of colours and textures you’re getting a wider range of nutrients, and keeping yourself from tastebud boredom.

So… what is so bad about fruit?

JUICE! Even if you come across a juice that has no added sugar (good luck), you’ll still consume a higher amount of fruit via juice than via chewing on the real thing. This means too much sugar.berries-184449_640

Another very important problem with juice is that it robs fruit of it’s fibre, making it less useful for your body.

Fruit also doesn’t make dessert much healthier if it’s drowned in sugar and cream, so keep the extra sugar and honey off your strawberries and serve yourself a smaller bowl of the freshest fruit you can lay your hands on.

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