In a wonderful display of humour, CIA launched themselves into the social media platforms joining both Twitter and Facebook early June.

Twitter LaunchThe inaugural tweet of any new account has always been a focus, so in true ingenuity CIA used this opportunity to take a good dig at itself.

Almost an X-Files feel to it really … or Men In Black.

I’m not sure who’s been placed in charge of social media at the CIA, but I’m sure it’s an interesting post.

They’ve also recently created (or claimed) their own Facebook Page: Central Intelligence Agency.

I’m not sure if they are using metrics to assess their ROI on social media presence, but as of mid June Twitter is outstripping Facebook 10 to 1!

GeorgeWBushIn the first eight hours, CIA’s Twitter account already had over 250,000 followers and now over 627,000. While Facebook has only just surpassed 50,000.

Is there a conspiracy to all this?

A more recent Twitter post is honouring former CIA head, George W. Bush, publishing his now unclassified badge photo taken during his days as CIA Directory (30 January 1976 – 20 January 1977).

They also uploaded same image to Facebook, citing that George W is the only man to have served as head of the CIA and president of the United States.

CIA World Fact Book

I’m sure many are aware, that this isn’t the first foray for the CIA online. For years they have published a detailed world fact book.

This is a wonderful resource for all types of information about the countries around the world.

Each country provides images of maps, flags, scenic photos plus a treasure trove of political, economic, cultural data.

Where Will It All Lead?

I’m fascinated to see where it all leads. Whether the CIA will put up with the trolls on Facebook, the rants and raves … or will the antagonists slowly have their Facebook accounts removed?

Regardless, a big welcome to the CIA on social media circles and we look forward to the insights into the unclassified section of the social media managers.


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