In an age of technology, multimedia, handheld devices, downloadable apps, online gaming and an era where kids are reportedly unable to focus on anything other than a screen … along comes loom bands.

Loom BandsI’m not sure why I’m surprised about this latest fad but it literally has taken the world by storm!

From young children to adults tiny pieces of rubber of varying colours are being woven together creating artistic tapestries adorned as bracelets, necklaces, even key rings.

In fact a quick search I uncovered more uses of loom bands than I’d could have ever conceived … this would make a great family feud question!

Name the top 10 uses of loom bands.

Top 10 Loom Band Ideas

  1. Bracelets … yeah, pretty common – but there are so many designs!
  2. Necklaces … ok still not really very mind blowing.
  3. Earrings … still jewellery I know
  4. Pencil grip … pretty cool though
  5. Hair tie … ok back to accessories
  6. Key ring … really a glorified bracelet I guess
  7. Panda charm … but they’re so cute!
  8. Feature characters … like Rapunzel or the minions
  9. Loom Band Sandals … stretching it by calling them sandals, but who would know!
  10. Ab Exerciser … this one’s for the parents – picking up all the flaming little rubber bands off the floor!

Loom Band Resources

I am truly stunned at the amount of sites dedicated to loom bands, from design to ideas, how to videos to Pinterest boards.

This is only a quick collection of sites that I came across that may get you started, or progressing in your loom band addiction – or obsession.

  • Rainbow Loom Official Site: The original site, complete with scam warnings about counterfeit loom bands.
  • Loom Bands Changing the World: Taking up the fight against child cancer, check out this site and the difference kids are making with their loom band purchases.
  • Rainbow Loom Instructions: Regular updates with new designs, ideas and more. A treasure trove of how to videos showing step by step guides.
  • Loom Band Pinterest Board: 635 pins and growing! I can only imagine how many rubber bands are clogging up that vacuum cleaner.

Finally, an Australian TV commercial – loom has gone multi media.

If you haven’t heard of loom bands … well, I can only imagine you are living as a hermit. Maybe this blog has opened your eyes!

There are so many uses, and it’s so simple, creative and, for once, off the computer or hand held device!

WARNING: The use of loom bands is strangely addictive and very quickly can become an obsession!

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