The Internet is filled with great hordes of useless information, in fact sometimes the posts on Facebook and other social media sites become so mundane and boring that you’re tempted to delete your profile.

Then, other times, the Internet provides the platform for great artistry, a portal to talent that would otherwise have been just a local phenomena.

Body Painting Techniques

Hand Art LizardMeet the artistic delights of Guido Daniele, born in 1950 in Soverato, Italy but now based in Milan. With decades of artistic creativity under his belt, Guido more recently turned his attention to body painting techniques.

By the turn of the century, Guido Daniele developed a stunning new technique known as “Handimals”.

Truly the lizard you see before you is a work of art, from forearm to hands.

The patience, the attention to detail, the fact the canvas is so short lived, all stun me with their creativity and artistic design.

Guido refers to himself as a makeup artist and body painter, but these designs deserve much more recognition than just the application (even skilfully) of makeup.

This interactive art, Street Muralis just part of Guido’s repertoire. Beyond Handimals, full body paint, he has also created some stunning street murals and the focus of many major events.

If you’d like to see more of Guido’s work you can visit his website or checkout his Facebook page.

Handimals Body Art

Just a few more hand paintings that stood out … check out his site for 100’s more.

But these demonstrate some of the incredible diversity that a pair of hands can do.

Truly Guido Daniele has taken shadow puppets to a completely new level!

Hand Art Snake
Handimals Snake


Hand Art Fish
Handimals Fish
Hand Art Butterfly
Handimals Butterfly
Hand Art Bird
Handimals Bird






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