drinking-87155_640Are you feeling the pressure to force down 8 glasses of water a day?

Perhaps you’re a little skeptical about the need for such a large amount, day in, day out. Read on to find out what the science is really saying about our water consumption.

The 8 Glasses a Day Myth

This is the most common myth about water. There’s actually no scientific studies on record to back this claim up!

The mantra appears to have come from a misunderstanding. Scientists are basically in agreement that men need about 2.6 litres of fluids a day, while women need about 2.1 litres – and this basically adds up to 8 glasses.

However, the total fluid intake includes all the fluid you consume – i.e. in every meal, snack, or drink of any kind. Fluid intake from solid foods makes up about 20% of the total amount if you’re eating a healthy diet.water1

Interestingly, your body actually produces around 250mL of water all by itself during digestion. Add that to your fluids from solids, and you’ve already had about 700mL!

Hey presto! At this point, women have 1.4L and men have 1.8L left to consume in a given day.

Water is the only thing that counts

This is also definitley a myth. You should count every drink you have all day long. That means your tea, coffee, and even your beer!

The idea that caffeinated drinks shouldn’t be counted comes from the fact that caffeine is a dihuretic. However, the experts say that the water consumed with the caffeine is more than enough to ensure you can just count it as one more cup of regular fluid.

Alcohol on the other hand does make you a bit dehydrated. But if you’re sticking to a drink with a higher water content such as beer, you can be a little more relaxed – as long as you’re not getting totally sloshed.

So… how many cups of water??
water2Well it depends on you. A woman might have about 5 cups a day and get along just fine, while a man might still need about 7!

Luckily, if you count your coffee, your tea, your juice, and your beer, you’ll only need about 2 or 3 glasses of water. Just get in the habbit of having a glass when you wake up in the morning, and just before dinnertime, and you’ll be hitting your target.


If that’s all too mathematical for you, just drink when you’re thirsty…

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