floating wish seedsI’m not sure about you but I have these memories from childhood that strangely stand out as no longer happening. Maybe, it’s I’ve lost touch, but does anyone else remember those floating thingies that seemed to be everywhere and you’d chase after them, catch them, make a wish and then blow them away?

I remember seeing them everywhere … but now, I don’t see them. As a child I had absolutely no idea what they were, it was just a random floating “thingie” you made a wish on.


So what were those Floating Thingie’s?

thistle plantWe were chatting about this at the office recently, little floating puffs that you caught and made a wish on … but none of us knew what the floating thingie’s were.

It turns out, at least in this neck of the woods (Sydney area) that the floating thingies were in fact plant seeds. More specifically thistle seeds.

Now reflecting on this the childhood memory is equally awakened to the fact that thistles hurt!

So while my childhood wonder was awakened by a floating puff, the seed I beheld and blew on its merry way was in fact a thistle seed!

I don’t know if there has been a significant eradication program employed? But I no longer see thistle seeds floating through the air? It seems as if thistles are a thing of the past … and capturing floating dream makers seems to be a forgotten tradition.

Where Did I see that Thistle?


I was reminded that the thistle is actually the national emblem of Scotland and, possibly, even more importantly was the flower given to William Wallace in Braveheart!

So are they still out there? Surely!

But are they still the floating dream makers that were representative of my childhood?

Do children still chase them and make a wish, then blowing them on their merry way?

Well I hope so.

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