If you’re trying to lose weight, or you regularly go on diets, check out these tips below.

1.    Eat Breakfast
For some reason, heaps of people skip breakfast. If you’re like me and often wake up hungry, you’ll be astounded by the ability that so many have to get through the morning without a proper meal.
However, lots of people wake up feeling like the last thing they want to do is eat. Others rush out the door with no time for anything. Then there is a whole bunch of people who think that skipping breakfast is an easy way to cut back on calories, and therefore lose weight.

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Well, these people are WRONG! There are literally hundreds of studies that show how important breakfast is. Eating properly in the mornings is key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with studies linking breakfast to increased mental performance, lower risk heart disease and diabetes, and most importantly for us – keeping those kilos off.
Breakfast gets its name from it’s main purpose – to break the fast that your body goes into as you sleep during the night. During that fasting time, your metabolism acts differently to during the day, and needs to be properly ‘woken up’ to function properly while you’re awake.
Consider making breakfast the most calorie intensive meal of the day, stacking up on protein and low GI carbs.


2.    Go for walks
Everybody knows that we’re meant to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise burns calories, improves cardiovascular, skeletal, and mental health to name a few.
But isn’t it hard to find the time?? Well actually… it’s pretty easy. You only need about 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day – and you don’t need to do it all at once.
That means if you just get off the bus a stop early, park your car a bit further from home, or set a reminder to do a loop of the office every hour, you’re on the way to hitting the target. Add a 15 minute walk after dinner or during your lunchbreak and you’ll be on top of it.
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3.    Work those muscles
Ok, so your exercise app tells you that you burn negligible calories during weight training. But working your muscles increases your body’s daily calorie requirements, because just HAVING muscles burns extra calories. So grow them a little bigger to increase their ability to burn calories!

You don’t need to get a personal trainer, or even join a gym. You can gain muscle by doing yoga, or doing easy at-home exercises a couple of times a week. You can actually gain muscle by going for a run, attending dance classes, or learning to do handstands. You only have to use them to grow them!


4.    Aim low, very low
If you care about losing weight, you’ll probably lose the long term battle against weight gain. Research shows that going on diets all the time is associated with as much as 10kg of extra weight gain over a decade. That means that if you have ever signed up for a fad diet, or you eat a different diet because a wedding or party or something is coming up YOU ARE GOING TO GAIN WEIGHT.

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This happens because swinging between diets makes your body think that there’s no food around and it goes straight to starvation mode. So when you do eat, it does its best to store energy from food – whether you are currently on a diet or not. This means that when you are eating hardly anything, and when you are on a ‘blow out’ week, your body is in weight gain overdrive.
Your body loves it when you treat it consistently. That means you just need to organise yourself to have the same diet for every week of the year. The best way to plan a diet that you’re going to stick to 365 days a year is to make achievability your top goal.
So make up a diet that includes a big breakfast of something delicious, a lunch and dinner that is 50% vegetables, and snacks of raw vegetables, fruits, and yoghurt.  Never put junk food on your weekly shopping list, but always enjoy a slice of cake during special occasions.

Best of all, you can throw out the scales and stop worrying about it!

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