Netflix, Stan, Presto

Since the introduction of subscription based streaming services in Australia, Netflix has enjoyed a clear lead in the market and for good reason.

Young Australians especially have made the shift to on-demand entertainment over traditional television and who can blame them?

For as little as $10 a month, Australian subscribers have access to over 1300 movie titles and over 250 television series. The low price and incredible range of content has seen upwards of 1.4 million users in Australia since Netflix’s 2015 entry into the market. As well as being the most popular for viewers, it is proving to be a popular brand among entertainers, boasting a long list of exclusive stand up specials and documentaries.

Standout Titles :

  • House Of Cards
  • Bojack Horseman
  • Orange is the New Black


While Netflix dominates the market, there are two other stand out services that have a presence in the Aussie market: Stan and Presto.

Stan is Fairfax and the Nine Networks response to the on-demand boom that has hit Australia. With over  100,000 subscribers, they boast over 375 television series due to their partnership with Nine and have a decent range of films, with just under 1000 titles at the time of writing.

By numbers alone, Stan is an excellent service when it comes to television series, holding content deals with shows such as Better Call Saul, Californication and Top Gear. Where Netflix focuses on producing their own premium branded content such as House of Cards , other services such as Stan focus on exclusive rights to popular series that bring an audience.

Stan is rising in popularity with those who enjoy the classics. Stan has a great range of content deals which allows full access to all of your old favourite shows from Friends to Australian classic Frontline.

Standout Titles:

  • Friends
  • South Park
  • Adventure Time


Presto, is Foxtel’s answer to the streaming services that seem to be taking away the need for their television subscription service.  Presto, like Stan is much lower in subscribers that Netflix, although attracts over 100,000 monthly subscribers.

Even though their subscriber base is lower than Netflix, it doesn’t truly affect their content. As Foxtel have an exclusive deal with HBO programming in Australia, subscribers have access to programs such as Entourage, the Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire while hosting all of Channel 7’s popular series such as Home and Away as well as Packed to the Rafters.

This combination of American super series with Aussie household favourites, makes Presto a great choice with something for everyone.

Standout Titles:

  • Walking Dead
  • Aquarius
  • Modern Family


While all services have an argument for themselves, although with an extensive library of content, easy to use functionality and a great original content, Australia has gone with the international favourite that is Netflix.

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