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Cylance is a new software that, through the use of mathematic algorithms and computer learning, has been able to create a predictive anti-virus system that boasts to be the way of the future in regards to data protection.

The product uses advanced mathematic algorithms to create a self teaching anti-virus platform, which works on preventing threats rather than responding to them.

“Our use of math and machine learning eliminates the current security model of trusting the vendor to stay ahead of the threat. Instead you only need to trust the math.”

– Stuart McClure, CEO of Cylance

This revolutionary approach to virus protection, has caught the eyes of Microsoft, who have invited Cylance to join the Microsoft Virus Initiative as well as the Virus Information Alliance, groups which have been put together to protect Microsoft users against cyber threats at home and at work.

The idea of producing a self-protecting system came to McClure when he admitted to not using any anti-malware software for himself, but rather using his own judgement to keep his data safe. He realised that by teaching a computer program, through mathematic algorithms, how to judge threats as he would, that users would be safer than ever before.

The program itself is designed to run seamlessly with your operating system, ditching the traditional approach of daily updates and scans. Instead, the program works in the background using predictive mathematics to catch threats before they occur, rather than using the traditional responsive approach, which has often times, been too late.

Cylance also claims to work the same offline as it does online. As the program is a constantly learning, self-described ‘mini-brain’, which continues to prevent you from attacks without assistance from the cloud.

This new form of anti-virus protection is gaining a lot of hype and momentum online and is still developing a presence with consumers. Although, with public endorsement from Microsoft, Cylance seems to be the real deal.

To see for yourself what all the fuss is about, head on over to their official website, where you can download a demo of the program and make your own judgement.

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