cortana Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic in popular culture since the idea gained momentum in 20th century science fiction. Now more than ever, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prominent in our everyday lives with Facebook learning our interests, our phone directing us through traffic and our cars parking themselves. Most recently, with the release of Window’s ‘Cortana’, it seems that the development of AI is moving at a rapid and exciting pace.

Cortana is Windows new vocally responsive information platform which assists users in managing their workflow, quickly finding information and will even have a chat with you on your lunch break.

This artificial personal assistant is new with Windows 10 and is showing signs that it may be extremely handy for small businesses that require a personal assistant but don’t have the capital.

Cortana works as an assistant in the sense that it remembers your requests by comprehensively organising your schedule through your calendar, much like a secretary would. Cortana also creepily boasts that it will learn your interests to and adapt to your personal preference while keeping track of the things that it(she) believes matters most to you.

Cortana takes the tedious task of having to google every query you may have by allowing you to simply ask her what you need to know and getting a prompt and reliable answer. Whether you need to quickly know how to say ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ in Spanish or need to reschedule lunch with a client, it’s as simple as asking Cortana.

Cortana’s translation ability is especially useful to completely tear down language barriers by correctly pronouncing words that are foreign to you rather than relying on your phonetic interpretation which often leads to miscommunication.

This delayed response to Apple’s Siri, shows a trend in using artificial intelligence as a companion for both everyday users and professionals. This advanced, voice controlled technology is looking to be taking the early steps of making artificial intelligence integrated in everyday life.

Have you used Cortana? What do you think? What do you think of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life? Let us know in the comment section below!


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