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Just when you think you couldn’t get to know your favourite celebrities any better, comes along Periscope, the live streaming mobile app for curious fans and eccentric entertainers.

Live streaming services have existed for a while now, but with the recent introduction of Periscope, users can turn their smartphones into an international broadcasting station. This has created the bizarre world that is Periscope.

Right now there are comedians in LA streaming their sets at the same time as a guy from Melbourne streams himself complaining about a bad meal at his local restaurant. The balance of self-appointed commentators and entertainment professionals make for a weird and wonderful environment that seems to be gaining momentum as each day passes.

Like any social media app, there are over-sharers who may come to regret their posts.  Only recently after the apps popularity started to rise, a young woman from Florida broadcasted herself leaving a bar and drive home under the influence.

Due to the apps focus on where you are and what your doing, local police were able to use Periscope as a viewer to track down her whereabouts before anyone, including herself was injured.

The app seamlessly syncs with your twitter profile and allows you to find people that you are already familiar with right from the get go.

The great thing about this app is that it lets you look into the daily life of people from all over the world.  As you open the app, you are greeted with a map of the globe, with each major city represented by how many broadcasters are live at that moment.

While Americans have a strong presence on the app, there are plenty of live broadcasters throughout Europe and South America who let you into their lives and culture from the front camera on their phone.

If you love keeping up with your favourite celebrities and personalities on Twitter, Periscope will blow your mind. At the same time, if you are an up and coming entertainer and want to make a name for yourself in a new and exciting environment, this app is for you.

If 140 characters just isn’t enough for you, Give Periscope a go today. You can find it for free in the Apple Store and Google Play.






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