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Compared to analogue marketing, marketing your own site online is reasonably cheap. With the market so competitive you are able to find reasonable hosting packages which will keep you online and allow you to completely own your content rather than platforms such as Facebook and other social media outlets.

After you have your site its about proper optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is the way to compete in todays saturated online market. Whether your business focuses primarily on online content or not, everyone uses Google to find answers, so its important that they find you before your competitors. Here’s some reasons why you should invest in a professional SEO strategy in order to stay afloat in the current market.

Its Affordable

Compared to strategies such as Adwords (Cost per Click) or social media campaigns, SEO is relatively cost-effective. While Adwords may drive more customers to you, and social media allows you to stay in contact with these customers, your organic standing in Google will define your reputation and always be there in case your other platforms fail.

Google has become a phone book

That’s right, when’s the last time you saw someone open a whitepages? Or even visit their site for that matter. When Google makes it as easy as typing in what you want, why would consumers make life more complicated. In order to get business, you need to be at the forefront of these searches.

This is where things may get tricky. Where the white pages have categories and direct listings, google matches keywords. It’s vital that you know what your customers need but most importantny HOW they go about finding it. Keeping up with suitable keywords for your industry is vital for you to stay afloat.

Its proven the test of time

Search engines are continually evolving and are becoming the biggest companies in the world. Looking at Google for example which is worth approximated $364 billion dollars. While the company grows and evolves, one thing remains the same, they are a search engine first and foremost and being found in their results is imperative to your success. People will always be searching for things and as long as your keywords match up you have the opportunity to always be found with proper SEO tactics.

Your Competitors use it

If your competitors are ranking near or ahead of you, they are using an SEO strategy. This strategy paired with the quality of their content is the deciding factor of where they rank. The only way to climb above them in the results and get yourself in a position where a customer notices you first, is to implement the same tactics and improve your content. With the help of modern marketing companies you will be able to do this.

It may sound very complicated and overwhelming, but with the help from the right marketing team, any business can make a strong presence online through a carefully thought out SEO strategy. If you own a small business and feel that it could be ranking better on Google or you are curious as to how you can increase business through SEO, get in touch with DLook today. DLook is an online business directory that specialises in getting Australian businesses found online.

For more information about how your business can rank better in Google and increase your business today, head over to DLook for a tailored SEO package that suits your individual and business needs.


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