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Since the release of the Google update, Pigeon in 2014, the importance of local search engine optimisation has risen, leading to all forms of business taking advantage of the benefits of taking a local focus to their online outreach.

But this is just the beginning, with more businesses turning their focus on local marketing; it seems that Google has no reason to settle their efforts in boosting local results.
First of all, Google loves providing users with individualised search results, generating specific results based on the person who is searching, taking location into consideration. While you are logged into your Google account, whether you’re active or not, everything in your history as well as where you have been with location settings on, comes into play when it comes to your individual results.

As Google grows with its knowledge of each individual user, local search results will become more and more useful as they allow Google to connect local business with residents within seconds.

These individualised results become easier to prepare as the use of mobile devices grows dramatically every year. As such a large amount of searches are being performed on smart phones and tablets, proximity search results will become more and more useful for users as Google can pin point your location and provide you with the most relevant information in regards to your search whether it be the nearest café or the next petrol station.

By having such a keen interest on your location when you are performing searches on the go, Google can link you to small and new businesses nearby. Google have always been supportive of new and small businesses, with their easy-to-use Adwords platform as well as useful web tools such Analytics, they have made life easier for smaller businesses to find their presence online.

With the introduction of Pigeon, this relationship between Google and small and new businesses has continued, and will continue to grow, making it easier for users to connect with businesses while enabling local business to enter new markets with little resources at hand.

New businesses and websites are created every second, and with this constant influx of competition, broad markets have become completely saturated leading to a specific focus on niche markets. These niche audiences are becoming smaller and smaller as the marketplace gets bigger, leading businesses to optimise their site locally in order to compete.

So how can you optimise your businesses site for local results in Australia?

The first step to being found by local customers is to publish your details on reliable business directories. Directories such as DLook, Yelp and Trip Advisor are popular within Australia and it’s vital to have a presence within their listings. Ensure that your address and phone number, along with opening hours are correct and up-to-date and consistent across all platforms.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your DLook or Yelp page as the more users that are talking about your business, the more favorably Google will rank your page, as it is most relevant to customers seeking similar products or services.

In addition to directory listings, if you are producing content on your own website or external sources, be sure to mention your suburb or neighbourhood in the title and keep a focus on your area throughout.

That’s the basics of local SEO strategy and a great start to adding your business to the results which are geographically relevant to your business. If you want to get a step ahead of the local competition and implement a professional local SEO campaign, DLook Australia can help you become easier to find locally while making your online presence more dominant, helping your businesses reach maximum its potential. Head over to DLook now and see for yourself how we have boosted countless Australian businesses online presence.

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