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Google’s paid search update has come into full effect, eliminating the ads on the right side of the search results. This has come to fruition due to the widespread use of mobile devices for search, which do not display the ads, and the desire to monetise more front page results. To replace the old format, is a single column results page consisting of up to 4 ads at the top and up to 3 at the bottom of each result.

How Does This Affect Me As A Business?

Many sources have speculated what this means for businesses who use Google as their main online marketing platform. With the organic listings being pushed even further down the page, the paid search listings are set to become more competitive and much more expensive due to their increased prominence.

While there can be up to four ads above the organic listings, a fourth ad will only appear for “highly commercial queries.” These are queries that are high in competition from paid search advertisers such as “hotels in Sydney.” While many users are aware of which results are organic and which results are advertisements, the difference may start to blur with the implementation of more ads in the same column as the organic results.

If you rely on cost-per-click or CPC advertisements already, you may see a rise in competition and cost. Because organic results are moving further away from the top where most users are drawn to, businesses that used to rely on organic listings will now have no choice but to look into CPC advertising as well.

Even with the implementation of the fourth ad at the top of your results, there is also maps and images results to be aware of. Let’s take a look at a highly commercial query that may apply to a small business owner such as  “plumber Sydney”

small business google rank

This is the what you see on a full sized desktop monitor screen. Even at this large size, you don’t even make it to the end of the Google Maps results without having to scroll. Even then there is another business listing before the organic results begin. On a mobile screen it will only be harder for organic search results to be seen by users.

While this is just the early stages of Google’s new paid search update, it’s important to try and stay ahead of your competition by keeping up to date with SEO news and information. While cost per click advertising will always have you at the top of Google results for a price, having premium SEO content will allow you to organically rank on a number of search engines which have the potential to grow in popularity now that Google has become so advertisement dense. For more information about how you can analyse your CPC competition and optimise your content for search engine success, contact DLook today and put yourself in a leading position amongst your online advertising competitors.

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