microsite for business australiaMicrosites are compact websites which highlight a product or service which are designed to engage user interaction through specific content without distraction or clutter. Microsites are not usually a business’s main site, but rather a separate site which channels different lines of branding to gain new leads. Businesses all across the world are creating microsites to further present themselves online and make themselves more discoverable compared to their competitors.

Why Are Microsites Useful For Australian Business Owners?

Because microsites are creatively designed and full of relevant and useful content, they are extremely useful for businesses due to their SEO capabilities and their ability to rank well with search engines such as Google.  As microsites are focused on one topic, business owners are turning their focus to creating microsites with their services as the topic of focus. As the content is focused on one singular topic or service in a business context, users who are entering the site will be interested in the service, leading to a higher conversion rate as they are actively looking for information rather than stumbling upon it.

From a business owner’s point of view, microsites are extremely useful in creating a Call-To-Action page to engage future customers with straightforward design which is aimed to encourage contact. Customers should be able to identify what you specialise in and what area you service as soon as possible once they land on your site.

Microsites are ideal for businesses to be found through popular search engines due to their high level of content and their ability to load quickly. A good microsite will be fully responsive, so can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. By having minimal clutter and easy to digest content, users will be more likely to take notice of the call to action and become customers.

How Can I Get My Own Microsite For My Business?

Some businesses choose to create their own microsite but often times neglect to properly optimise their content to be easily discovered when users are searching for their services on Google. Microsites have the potential of ranking high on Google and other search engines, leading to huge amounts of business for Australian small businesses who take advantage of a properly otimised microsite with high quality content and images to showcase their services.

If you are interested in a microsite for your business, no matter the size, Dlook have you covered. Dlook is an online business directory who specialise in creating microsites for Australian businesses to help them be found online. Dlook’s expansive business directory lists over 1.7 million Australian businesses and provides a further outlet for your business to be found. By creating a microsite, you are firming your online presence and making yourself easier to find for customers who need your services in your area. Take advantage of our affordable microsite packages today by visiting Dlook for more information.

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