Are you bored of your city? Do you think you have seen and done it all? How about turning your whole urban environment into a massive game arena. This is sure to give you hours of fun or at least non-boredom.

People Watching

‘People watching’ is a big thing it turns out. It’s just when you watch people from a distance—without influencing them. If you search people watching on Google you will find loads of info on the topic including:

  • Is it creepy or a violation of privacy to people watch?
  • Best people watching stories
  • Countless hours of live streams of just random people going about their day
  • The sociology/philosophy of watching people from a detached perspective
  • Guides to being better at people watching e.g. how to interpret body language

It really is fun to watch people and try to guess what they are doing and their whole life story from just the way they look when they walk down the street. You can even use your imagination and try to make up stories for them. But the moral questions start to come into play if you start making fun of people. Another thing is the risk of getting busted. This is one of the fun things about this game in my opinion because you have to try to be discreet or else things can be very awkward.

People Watching Bingo

There are many variations of people watching and you can literally spend hours and hours just watching people and doing all this. See What is your favorite "People Watching" game? on r/AskReddit—my favourite is ‘people watching bingo’ in which you must do a good deed for the person who gets a certain amount of points based on criteria. E.g. looks like a nice person (+5), funny hair (+10), bright clothing (+10). If they get enough points you can go up and give them a random high-five or something!

People Guessing

You can try to guess things about people. Like: dating or friends, age, male or female etc.

Some of these are getting bad actually . . .

Ghost World

This one’s a bit controversial so play at your own risk and with your own moral scruples. If you’ve seen Ghost World (2001), you may guess what this game involves. You just find an interesting person and follow them for a bit and try to imagine their life. The girls in Ghost World decide a couple they see in a diner are satanists but they don’t pursue these two. They end up investigating, pranking and getting deeply emotionally and romantically involved with this other ‘bookish’ guy but this is way further than you should take it. Obviously, you can see how this is like ‘people watching’ but takes it further by secretly following. Do this in the daytime, not to small girls and try to never get busted or you may get scare someone. Yet as far as I know this is not illegal . . .

The Floor Is Lava

The floor is lava and you will get burned unless you only walk on the cracks in the pavement, or hop from thing to thing and don’t touch the ground. Great for attracting unwanted attention!

The ‘Loudness’ Game

Often known by another name; the ‘loudness’ game involves saying something as loud as you dare to and the person wins who can say it the loudest. The word said is usually a male part . . .

Talk To Random People

This one requires a bit of courage, because it’s surprisingly difficult to break the barrier and talk to someone who is a stranger. But you get to talk to some new people. I like giving homeless people a dollar and having a deep and meaningful conversation with them about their life. A lot of them are very generous with what little they have and have a very relaxed attitude about money which may account for their predicament.

Try And Get Lost

If you know your city like the back of your hand, then this will be a struggle. Also, it’s even harder considering that you are making the conscious effort to get lost and hence you are actually in a heightened state of awareness of your directions.

Only by getting lost can you truly find yourself (lame).

Eat Lunch In A Tree

Get takeaway or a drink and enjoy it while sitting in a tree in the park. There is nothing better.

Hang Out In The Nicest Lobby You Can Find

Enjoy luxury beyond anything you can afford. You can try to eat your food here also but I think they will kick your ass out of there.

Hang Out On The Top Of A Tall Building

It’s hard to get on the tops of most buildings, but if it has a carpark on top (like of a supermarket) you can surely get up there and enjoy the view.

Pick A Random Station On The Train Map With Your Eyes Closed And Go There

This one is not guaranteed to not be boring actually . . . And make sure that you can easily catch a train back . . .

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