Jelly is a weird thing! Like what is it? (It’s collagen) It’s just……..if I had to analyse this; it’s weird because it’s a really basic dish. It’s so basic that it has been made in different forms since ancient times and in many cultures. But it’s also so basic that it seems like….elemental. It’s a basic property of food that can be coloured, flavoured in any way to create a dish that is futuristic, because it is almost entirely man-made. So anyway….let’s look at some jelly.

1. Retrofuturistic Aspic Dishes: Salad Suspended in Jelly

Aspic salad used to be a quintessential American salad. What happened? Why do we no longer eat all savoury and sweet foods in jelly form? Well for one, it’s disgusting, and two, dieting fads started to incorporate eliminating sugar rather than just fat. Therefore, the jelly, which was really just an excuse for sugar, fell by the wayside.

2. Jelly Coca-Cola Bottle

How to make the viral jelly recipe that took the internet by storm:

3. Edible Slime

Another internet sensation: making large quantities of slime out of gummy bears and marshmallows and then playing with it and eating it. I would eat like 3 kilos of this stuff:

4. Rainbow Jelly

This looks so beautiful and it’s not hard to make, it just takes a long time to wait for each layer of jelly to set. Kids would lose their minds over this stuff for sure.

5. Whole Watermelon Jelly

This person has invented a way to improve a watermelon! Previously this was not thought possible.

6. Ultimate Vodka Gummy Bear Jungle Juice Jacuzzi

This is not a drink, this is a jacuzzi. This thing has got so many gummy bears and so much vodka in it it’s unbelievable. Man, if I go to a party where they have this one day, I will feel like my life has been worth something.

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