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The 15 Most Life-Changing Epiphanies Across Reddit

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August 21, 2017


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The 15 Most Life-Changing Epiphanies Across Reddit

This is not just a summary of a single Reddit thread; these are the most life-changing epiphanies that I have ever seen across Reddit arranged into categories by theme. Hopefully they are as life-changing for you.

The brevity of life

Grocery store hyperrealism:

This one can be argued at least to its degree, but it’s a very interesting theory:

What is truly meaningful

Life is about ‘things’, but not very many of them:


For these ones there really is no light-hearted comment that can be made:

Ok that put things in perspective….but not the only one. The next section looks up for you reader ☺

The possibilities in life

If you don’t like the situation, look around and realise that you can do anything you want:

Be more confident because….

Women aren’t so pure as to not even like men:

Understanding people

There is no ‘normal’ family:

Sadly funny quote:

Weird literal stuff

I wish I knew all of these people:

But this changes everything:

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