Reddit is what I regard as one of the best sources of information on the internet. By ‘best’ I don’t entirely mean accuracy, I mean breadth, depth and multiple perspectives. It’s a forum with an unparalleled number of forum boards called ‘subreddits’ on everything in the entire world basically. It is the world’s go-to discussion place for everything in the world basically, and this is something that will change your life completely when you start to really use it.

1: Subscribe To The Subreddit For Every Significant Thing In Your Life

Are you a rock-climber? Subscribe here. Do you wear glasses? Subscribe here. Are you a male? Subscribe here.

I am subscribed to 951 subreddits, but this is after a year of using Reddit. Basically, I just looked up every aspect of my life and subscribed to it.

One of the main deficits of Reddit is the lack of subreddit suggestions. There is no algorithm that shows you subreddits you might like. In order to find new subreddits:

  • Use Google search.
  • Look in the sidebar of subreddits you like. There are often links to related subreddits.
  • Look at Reddit’s List of Subreddits and go on a subscribing spree. This only lists subreddits with 50,000+ subscribers however.
  • Google Reddit find subreddits (there are many more ways that you will find)

But to get you started, I will share with you a list of subreddits that changed my life the most:

Reddit has a strong self-improvement culture, and many of these subreddits are a large part of this. How have these subreddits changed my life personally? AdBlock has completely eliminated ads from my web, including in-page popups and requests for donations. Financial Independence has got my saving 60%+ of my income for early retirement. Posture got me doing an at-home workout twice daily that after 2 months has noticably improved my health and height. Male Fashion Advice has made me stop wearing hardcore band t-shirts and instead start dressing smart and ‘normcore’.

2: Look Into The Important Subreddits When You Get A Chance (And This Is How)

There’s a lot of subreddits for you to look through. Reddit has been described as a ‘smorgasbord of content’ for good reason. When you get a chance, look into the most important subreddits you subscribed to. But make sure you follow this guide to know the best way to go about this, because Reddit’s interface is not the most intuitive for first-time users.

Firstly, you want to download Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome or Firefox. It is a very sophisticated, customisable addon that makes traversing the labyrinths of Reddit far far easier. Seasoned Reddit users do all their browsing in a manner of a few keystrokes.

Secondly, you want to open the subreddit you want, then look at the tabs at the top. You will see: ‘hot’, ‘controversial’, ‘top’ and ‘wiki.’ These tabs are different ways of filtering what content to show you (the same content, but you see different posts first). When you click a tab, there will be an option underneath that says ‘links from: past 24 hours’. You want to set that to: ‘links from: all time’. The links from all time will be more hot, controversial, etc. than just the ones from the past 24 hours.

  • ‘Hot’ posts are new and also very popular.
  • ‘Controversial’ posts have received a lot of both upvotes and downvotes.
  • ‘Top’ posts have received a lot of upvotes.
  • ‘Wiki’ is what some subreddits have. It is a Wikipedia style information section that gives information about the topic of the subreddit.

3: Comment And Make Your Own Posts

Finally, in order to get the full experience of Reddit, you should engage in the conversation

Commenting comes first. For every post on Reddit there are numerous comments, and that ratio enables this forum to work. Imagine if Reddit had a reputation for posts not being answered. It would not be as popular as it is today. Therefore, Reddit and individual subreddits make sure to maintain this ratio by marking posts as spam if the user hasn’t made enough comments either on Reddit as a whole, or that individual subreddit. Therefore, if you want to post something, make sure you make some comments first. At the least, think of it as a social service. But it is more than that anyway. You are engaging in the world’s forum and seeing if what you say is accepted by it. It’s very good at allowing you to evaluate just how correct/funny/smart you are and then to improve in many ways. It should be noted that Reddit is the biggest sneer club in the world. So much of it’s content is based on deriding Other figures like neckbeards and edgy teens, but despite the obvious harmful effects of this (that outweigh the positives), it does cause a lot of people to change the aspects of their personality that resemble these negative stereotypes.

Then, after being a helpful member of these subreddits and accumulating enough comment karma (= upvotes – downvotes), you may decide to make your own post. You can ask for advice on an aspect of your life, you can share an idea you had, almost anything you want. Reddit commenters can be extremely helpful, often posting long and detailed comments in order to get karma. Karma is very very important to some people, and it’s understandable, because a high rank on the world’s forum is a thing of respect.

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