Why Reviews Work as the Modern SEO

In the evolving digital world over 90% of potential customers are using customer business reviews to make the purchasing  of products and service decisions and if you are to engage with the vast majority of your potential customers you need to be part of the conversation, engage with reviews and build trust.  Reviews are similar to customer feedback or a testimonial but are unique as they normally include both a rating and topical content.

There is an old view that word of mouth recommendations will always be the best form of business advertising and in some industry segments that used to be very true but the demographics of the customer bases are changing and younger customers who are digital natives are not holding true to that older view and now over 78% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  This is a continuing shift in activity that has become more pronounced every year and translates to sales to customers who spend based upon trust.

What is seen online does matter.  Apart from customer engagement reviews also build relevant content and this content marketing is a staple part of marketing strategies that generate leads.  Reviews can form an integral part of the nurturing of potential customers as more than 90% of customers who visit your landing page or site are not buying but building up their trust profiles so as to make that decision down the track.

Recent reviews help with website and Google My Business GMB ranking. It’s the modern part of search engine optimisation and search engines take a business’s relevance into account when deciding which business ranks on maps and in local search results.  New reviews can help existing SEO efforts and once your business has been found, people are more likely to click on your result.  Search continues to trend towards local based map searches and business reviews will continue to gain in importance as this trend continues.

Asking current customers to provide a review after a successful sale or service is delivered is the best time and automated tolls like Jet Piivot makes it easy over SMS.  Replying to recent reviews, even those that may not be the most favourable, will show potential customers that you take an interest in what customers may say and think about your business and signals you are always ready to engage to fix up even small issues.

More reviews on a Google My Business GMB, Map, Facebook or on your website that are relevant helps with both content and search relevance when customers are seeking suppliers or services.  A goal of having 5 or 10 reviews and then regularly adding reviews is a good plan to make reviews work for your business.  To get to that goal you can ask directly customers using simple request templates or upload or make a list of customers you can ask for a review.  Use that list to make review requests via SMS or email and then use a tool like Jet Piivot to send the request to ask them, show them, and remind them to post a review.  You will get reviews, and be on your way to getting your business more leads.