Does Marketing Imitate Art or Does Art Imitate Marketing?

Should marketing be considered an artform? Should art be considered a marketingform? This is a debate of classification – of where to draw the line between things… or if. The line seems distinct and clearcut, until you really look at it directly.

Each Customer is their own Segment – Personalised Marketing

Big Data technologies are enabling markets to be segmented increasingly narrowly and precisely and consumers are being marketed to in more relevant and more personalised ways. This is ‘personalised marketing’. The ultimate end to this trend – often couched by marketers in terms like ‘nirvana’ is where each consumer occupies their own market segment. I.e. when there is no market segmentation, because each consumer is considered individually and their uniqueness is understood.

Is it Ethical for Marketers to Generalise?

Is it ethical for marketers to generalise in order to perform market segmentation? Is generalising ethical at all, in any case, in itself? dLook will be exploring this ethical question, continuing its analysis of marketing ethics.

Web Analytics and how to Use Them

Web analytics are the feedback for the performance of your digital marketing efforts. They can be very detailed and wide-ranging, and powerful if used correctly. So we’re going to explain the most important ones, and then tell you where you can find these stats.

How to Design a Terrible Website

A lot of website owners’ dreams just came true. Now the definitive guide on how to design websites to look as abhorrent as you can imagine. A guide telling you that it’s OK to use gifs and memes; it’s A-OK to use large blocks of gaudy colours like fuchsia and cyan and it’s SPOT-ON to embed heaps of unnecessary widgets because you can because you’re a HTML coding wizz.