The Evolution of Digital Advertising

An infographic, created by PointRoll, illustrates the evolution of digital advertising, and how it spawned from computers and the Internet. The trend – in the last couple of years, the internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source of daily news consumption. This has forced news media outlets to move aggressively to digital; the New […]

Social Media Disruptions at Work

The social media monster has entered the workplace and will continue to disrupt our precious work time. Will it go away? Going in between social media accounts is fine when you’re procrastinating or if “its part of my job”, but when you’re getting real work done, these social disruptions will slowly impact your productivity.   […]

Social Media Branding Cheat Sheet

How many social media accounts do you have for your business or brand? And what’s the best fit? Most brands choose to focus their attention on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Local. But, no matter what social media account you focus on, your attention to detail will help you create a better first impression. This is […]

Twitter Basics

Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service with over 500 million users to communicate and stay connected with friends and followers. Twitter messages, known as Tweets, are restricted to 140 characters, which have changed the way we communicate.  You can read, write and share information with people you wouldn’t normally email with, and […]

The Best Times to Share on Twitter and Facebook

Maintaining an up-to-date social media life is becoming harder than ever these days.  It’s complicated enough to manage your day-to-day work activities and social life. Is there a benefit in using social media? Is it becoming a little overwhelming?  Is there too much social clutter? What’s the best time to post on Twitter or Facebook? […]

Mums Go to Blogs for Parenting Advice

As the web library expands and engulfs us all, mothers are searching for reliable sources of information on the web, to help ease their anxiety of “better parenting”. Recent studies in the US show more than two-thirds of mothers are searching online for parenting advice. According to a survey by Blog Her, in July 2012, […]