Is Good Design Invisible? · Questioning The Maxim

“Good design is invisible; bad design is everywhere” is an axiom held dear by many designers. But should design be completely transparent and are there cases when you should design to be noticed?

Newsjacking—Super-Powered Inbound Marketing For Extreme Opportunists

This is about the exact right content at the exact right time. And the technique that underlies such success—newsjacking—which is easy to attempt yourself.

Political Brands and Brands Getting Political: Political Marketing and Identity Politics

In recent years, political parties have become brands, and brands have become political. And this political marketing has played a large role in causing the proliferation of identity politics in recent times.

Is That Trump’s Real Personality? How Can He Be Like That? How Would He Act If He Became President? The Making And Marketing Of Donald Trump

Is Trump acting to give the public what they want? Or is his real personality that outrageous? Is it marketing or mistakes? And what if he became the President?