Does Marketing Imitate Art or Does Art Imitate Marketing?

Should marketing be considered an artform? Should art be considered a marketingform? This is a debate of classification – of where to draw the line between things… or if. The line seems distinct and clearcut, until you really look at it directly.

Tom Dixon Designer Lighting – Under the Spotlight

World renowned Tom Dixon has a passion for design – with flair to match. From humble beginnings this British artist has brought design to the fore and into the everyday. Inspired by his surrounds and drawing on the human experience Dixon creates household items such as furniture and lighting that amaze with their beauty.

Going Back in Time | Uncontacted Tribes

Imagine for a moment you could step back in time. Before there was Facebook or blogs, even before cars or electricity. Imagine you could return thousands of years and witness life as it was pre-civilization.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco | Decadence of the Early Twentieth Century

Which do you prefer, Art Nouveau or Art Deco? Sit back and take a side as digital editions explores the two art movements that visually defined the early twentieth century

From Steam Engines to Sci-Fi | The Subculture of Steampunk

What do the film ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, Victorian corsets, goggles and steam engines all have in common? Keep reading as Sarah uncovers the interesting subculture of steampunk.