How Quantum Computing Will Change The World And When *You* Will Have One

In not long, companies and governments will be using quantum computers. When will you be?

Web Analytics and how to Use Them

Web analytics are the feedback for the performance of your digital marketing efforts. They can be very detailed and wide-ranging, and powerful if used correctly. So we’re going to explain the most important ones, and then tell you where you can find these stats.

Changes to Google Maps Standard Plan could Cost you Money

On the 22th June 2016, Google made some changes to its Google Maps API that require standard Plan API users to pay after exceeding a certain daily quota of map loads. These changes also require the use of an ‘API key’ to integrate Google Maps into a website.

Storage Solutions for Business: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems are computer operated storage solutions that make shipping out orders faster and safer. Now those in my business can be smarter about our storage space and leave less gaps – both in space and in