Tom Dixon Designer Lighting – Under the Spotlight

World renowned Tom Dixon has a passion for design – with flair to match. From humble beginnings this British artist has brought design to the fore and into the everyday. Inspired by his surrounds and drawing on the human experience Dixon creates household items such as furniture and lighting that amaze with their beauty.

Rocking n’ Rolling to the 1950s: Rockabilly and Vintage Revival

Crack out that red lipstick, pile on that hair Grease and raid your Grandparent’s wardrobe as Sarah takes you through the wonderful world of Rockabilly and Vintage Revival

Red Lipstick | A Symbol of Strength or Sexuality?

Red Lipstick: A symbol of sin, defiance, strength, or sexuality? Read on whilst Digital Editions uncovers the interesting history behind one of the most recognisable icons of the 20th century.

Save Money with Formal Wear and Costume Hire

Save time and money by hiring costumes, dresses, suits and more for a fraction of the cost. Imagine being able to wear that stunning designer dress on your special day without paying the exorbitant price tag…