What is Periscope? Seeing is Believing

Just when you think you couldn’t get to know your favourite celebrities any better, comes along Periscope, the live streaming mobile app for curious fans and eccentric entertainers. Live streaming services have existed for a while now, but with the recent introduction of Periscope, users can turn their smartphones into an international broadcasting station. This […]

An In-depth Guide to Music Streaming in Australia

With the long awaited introduction of Apple Music, Apple’s answer to Spotify, we need to see whether the incumbent beats the established service. People spend so much time using these services now we need to see which one is worth investing that time in. Let’s start with the competition and the big market leader, Spotify. […]

Interview with Jody

Jody are this cool new “inner west mope rock” band with some excellent music making skills. Their shows are packed with a tonne of energy, paired with some pretty skilful instrumentals, and possibly some of the best bouts of showmanship I’ve seen in a while. Their energy and sound is nothing short of refreshing, and […]

The Start of Origin | The History of Rugby League and the State of Origin

As the Blues and the Maroons battle it out for the title of 2013 State of Origin Winner, Digital Editions takes a look at the history of rugby league and the State of Origin in Australian history