Marketers Get Off Your High Horse And Learn From Clickbait

Clickbait is populist, anticlimactic and ultimately—it gets clicks. As clicks are the essence of SEO, you’re marketing and content can learn from clickbait (but this doesn’t mean you have to produce it).

Speed up your Web Content Worflow with Markdown

With Markdown you can write faster – documents, quick notes, web content and more. And you can publish more easily to almost any format – HTML, MS Word, pdf and countless more. It’s an extremely lightweight, simple syntax language for writing in a number of editors, many of them completely free.

Is it Ethical for Marketers to Generalise?

Is it ethical for marketers to generalise in order to perform market segmentation? Is generalising ethical at all, in any case, in itself? dLook will be exploring this ethical question, continuing its analysis of marketing ethics.