How to Design a Terrible Website

A lot of website owners’ dreams just came true. Now the definitive guide on how to design websites to look as abhorrent as you can imagine. A guide telling you that it’s OK to use gifs and memes; it’s A-OK to use large blocks of gaudy colours like fuchsia and cyan and it’s SPOT-ON to embed heaps of unnecessary widgets because you can because you’re a HTML coding wizz.

Market your Business with Pokémon Go – But get in Quick!

Lure Pokémon and people to your brick-and-mortar store by getting in on the Pokémon Go craze right now. Integrate it into your next marketing campaign before the craze dies out. Also, we discuss the future of this app and of some groundbreaking marketing concepts that it uses.

Using special characters on webpages ☆☯♥

Inserting special characters (aka ‘glyphs’) is not hard, but it may be less straightforward than you think and there are some concepts to learn that will help you with publishing content in general. The way to insert them depends on what software you use to write your content and if you should insert them depends on some other factors.

Website Building for Non-Coders (Not Dreamweaver)

Making a website doesn’t require you to be a coding wizz. If you just want to make a nice looking website in a hands-on way, similar to styling a Word document. Then these tools are for you – they’re called content management systems (CMS’s), and they make the layout, styling, content creation and hosting (getting it up on the internet) mostly automatic.

Changes to Google Maps Standard Plan could Cost you Money

On the 22th June 2016, Google made some changes to its Google Maps API that require standard Plan API users to pay after exceeding a certain daily quota of map loads. These changes also require the use of an ‘API key’ to integrate Google Maps into a website.

The History of the Directory (from Yellow Pages to dLook)

The business directory has come a long way since its humble hard copy beginnings to the online, full-featured dLook directory that we use today. This story involves developments like the Yellow Pages, newspaper classifieds, search engines, search engine advertising and vertical search, and it can teach us a thing or two about marketing in general.

Social Media for your Website – a walkthrough on connecting with consumers online

Realise the power of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to build brand relationships, brand communities, brand awareness and also to create credible consumer testimonials. Various ways to social media integrate your site.

Typography – make a bold statement with text

Readable and attractive text is crucial for the success of your business website. Choosing the right fonts and styles is known as the art of typography– and we’re going to give you 5 tips that we’ve collated and summarised from our own experience with typesetting to help you project the perfect image of your business and hopefully boost conversions from visitors to customers.