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What DaFont says

Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

Just the font, and nothing but the font.

There’s not a lot to say about this site other than if you are looking for a certain font type then you’re likely to find it here.

Supported by a great user forum, you can post an image or graphic with a font in it and leave it to the font of wisdom to name that type.

From fancy font faces to techno, gothic to themed … this site is sure to take your keyboard to new levels.

Write a note in the Simpsons font or maybe something more military is your style! Check it out, great for coming up with ideas, new themes, or a new look.

Simpsons Font Face

The Best Times to Share on Twitter and Facebook

Best Times To Post on Social Networks

Maintaining an up-to-date social media life is becoming harder than ever these days.  It’s complicated enough to manage your day-to-day work activities and social life.

Is there a benefit in using social media? Is it becoming a little overwhelming?  Is there too much social clutter? What’s the best time to post on Twitter or Facebook?

One challenge for small business owners, is finding the best time to publish content that engages and is shared within the social grapevine.

The team at Raka Creative have revealed a creative infographic, displaying data collected from a recent study by popular URL shortening service Bitly.

Here are some key insights from the infographic that solves the mystery of when should I post (for click-throughs):

  • The best times to tweet, to improve your traffic, is 1pm-3pm
  • On Fridays, forget about tweeting after 3pm, “Beer-o’clock”!
  • Avoid tweeting after 8pm, unless your catching up with people in the US
  • The best times to post on Facebook, for better traffic, is between 1pm-4pm
  • The best day to share is Saturday
  • Weekend posts get less traffic than weekdays. Which is why you need to have pro-Facebook work environment

Take a look at the infographic and let us know what stat you will be keeping an eye on most.

Best Times To Post on Twitter and Facebook

Ted | Ideas Worth Spreading

Ideas Worth Spreading

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What TED says

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading — through TED.com, our annual conferences, the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events.

It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Our mission: Spreading ideas.

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

Possibly compared to other sites that have been listed, this one is almost too mainstream!

Surely everyone has heard of TED.com?

From video casts showing the latest in femto-photography (what! I hear you ask) to all manner of insights to technology, entertainment, design and more.

If you want to keep abreast of innovation, become a futurist and forecast trends in technology, sociology or business then TED.com is for you.

Or maybe you just want to find a great resource, a site that gives a different perspective. As TED.com claims as its tagline, it’s all about “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

Sticky Tickets | Online Ticketing & Registration

Sell Your Tickets Online

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What Sticky Tickets says

Use Sticky Tickets to sell tickets online or take registrations online for all events large or small.

About Us: Sticky Tickets is an online business that helps event organisers to promote, sell and manage their events and helps ticket buyers to find a purchase tickets to their events.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyWhat a great idea and wonderful way to open a site like Ticketek or Ticketmaster to all organisations, event planners and businesses.

One of the biggest headaches when planning any event is tracking registrations – especially a big event where you may have 100’s of people coming along.

The best thing about all this is that if you are only looking to have somewhere to track RSVP’s or registrations (ie. no ticket price) then there is no charge. You can promote your event, have a portal to register users, track acceptance and not pay a cent.

Or, if a paid event, then there is a small booking fee which could be as little as $1.50 per ticket.

For someone organising a party or school reunion this really is a simple way to get RSVP’s and it’s all online.

For businesses, if you are hosting a product launch, a seminar or a fundraiser – Sticky Tickets provides a simple online site to take all the troubles of registration, payment processing and ticket distribution and leaves you to focus on the event.



Mums Go to Blogs for Parenting Advice

Blogs are the most popular source for mums on parenting advice

As the web library expands and engulfs us all, mothers are searching for reliable sources of information on the web, to help ease their anxiety of “better parenting”.

Recent studies in the US show more than two-thirds of mothers are searching online for parenting advice.

According to a survey by Blog Her, in July 2012, shows that new mothers tend to ask an endless volume of questions and are willing to spend more than they need to feel at ease.

Blogs came out on top as a trusted source of parenting information, the highest age bracket being 28-45 years of age, which accounted for 72%.

Other social media platforms that followed were Facebook at 64%, YouTube at 36% and Pinterest at 31%.

These stats reveal the increasing value in video content, and how visual content focused sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are engaging mothers in the younger age brackets.

Social media sites mums trust

Further studies show that mothers are not only consuming the content, they trust what is being recommended in the blog sites.

New mothers, in particular, are in unfamiliar territory and brands are appealing to them through targeted product and service recommendations.

Furthermore to the survey, 63% of purchases were book recommendations from blog sites, followed by food and product purchases, based on testimonials and reviews on blog sites.

The recommendations and ads in these blogs focused on playing up to the “anxiety provoking” intuition that new mothers tend to go through.

Mum stats on reading a recommendation

Mothers and women in general, were the early adopters of social networks, who are keen to stay connected. The study presents a great opportunity for marketers to plan better and integrate to solve the social puzzle.

Resources and Images courtesy of eMarketer

Kickstarter | Where Creative Dreams Become Reality

Fund and follow creativity

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What KickStarter says

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.

We believe that:
– A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.
– A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyWhen looking for sites that take the Internet to new levels, just had to add KickStarter.

I was moved watching the trailer for “I Am Big Bird”, a documentary on the life of Caroll Spinney – the man who has played Big Bird in Sesame Street since 1969. Without KickStarter this project may never have come to life.

The film industry is tough, especially short films, doco’s and similar projects – and finding backers for these is like finding a needle in a haystack.

This is where KickStarter comes in … they connect the producers with the investors and allow a whole new world of art to be created.

If you want to see creativity in action, check out their Meet the Team link!


This is a Good Sign | A Sign of Hope

This is a Good Sign

“It just makes people happier”

Eric Dennis, founder

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What This is a Good Sign says

This is a positive and uplifting message in a time when it’s needed most. This is also a powerful brand that people connect with. We are helping to promote the good things in life.

The keywords associated are: positivity, encouragement, success, empowerment, hope, community, creativity, fun, optimism.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyThis Is A Good Sign … is an inspiration, maybe an aspiration?

Regardless, in a world filled with signs, symbols, marketing messages and hype it’s nice to see someone bucking the trend. An organisation dedicated to hope, to positivity.

If you check out their Facebook page, you can see the hundreds of signs that have popped up all over the planet.

The founder, Eric Dennis, summed up his motivation for the movement: “It just makes people happier”.

The web is amorphous, growing in many directions, and it’s great to see a site like this promoting greater happiness just for the sake of being happy.


Playing for Change | Buskers Unite

Playing for Change

Connecting the World Through Music

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What Playing for Change says

Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyThis is one of those sites where putting it in writing just doesn’t give it justice. Sure I can rewrite their inspiration, the history, even some of the songs they’ve sung.

But really it’s not about me! It’s about this …


Now, I’m pretty happy with my job … but come on, traveling the world and meeting buskers, recording songs, not a bad way to spend time.

There are now over 60 episodes recorded around the world, and they have started a foundation that is already creating jobs. Cool idea and plenty of opportunities to get involved – or just listen to some great music.

Bizarro Comics | Absurdity or Insight

Bizarro Comics

Bizarro | The World as seen by

Dan Piraro

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What Bizarro says

Well that’s hard to answer – he hasn’t added a META description to his blog site, and the title is rather mundane. After all this site is a visual feast … so really you just have to visit it and see for yourself. I guess an image is as good as any for what he says ….

Bizarro Comics

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyMaybe iBizarro Zent’s just me, maybe it’s my love of Gary Larsen and The Far Side … but this site just appeals.

A wicked sense of humour, Dan Piraro takes on any subject and … well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

His writing is equally bizarre.

Hats off to Dan Piraro, to his ability to capture life in the art of cartoon.

May he continue to think just that little bit differently to most and provide us with something to consider.

Panoramas | 360 Degrees

Panoramas 360° Views around the world.

Visit Panoramas.dk

What Panoramas says

Travel the World for free. Visit Paris – London – Rome – New York etc. Fly in a minute to Australia and Brazil by 360 degree panoramas

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeySome sites are just cool. Since 2002 Panoramas has been publishing VR photography and to see it is truly stunning.

If, like most of us, the thought of traveling to the seven modern wonders of the world is beyond you, well now you can do it virtually.

Visit the pyramids, the grand canyon, the royal wedding in Denmark or just tour dozens of city-scapes.

Panoramas brings together a hoard of VR photographers and displays their works in the only form possible … the computer.