Newsjacking—Super-Powered Inbound Marketing For Extreme Opportunists

This is about the exact right content at the exact right time. And the technique that underlies such success—newsjacking—which is easy to attempt yourself.

Is Originality Old-Fashioned? Is Creativity Dead? A Look at Remix Culture

Advertising, content, humour and the entire creative world is undergoing a dramatic change. Originality is no longer the key to acclaim. Over 50% of ads are rewrites of other ads, memes have made humour formulaic and all mediums of art are embracing imitation, replication and recontextualisation.

Should Grammar be Strict or Flexible? | Is it wrong to break the rules?

Have you ever wondered if or why it’s wrong to break the rules of grammar? You might be surprised that this is actually a debate that rages in the grammatical world, and once you form an opinion, it may change the way you use language forever.

The History of the Directory (from Yellow Pages to dLook)

The business directory has come a long way since its humble hard copy beginnings to the online, full-featured dLook directory that we use today. This story involves developments like the Yellow Pages, newspaper classifieds, search engines, search engine advertising and vertical search, and it can teach us a thing or two about marketing in general.