The Cultural Movements Represented In Food

We trace the cultural revolutions of the modern world through cuisines. It’s fascinating how the cultural world even affects the food we eat

Trolling Is Actually A Beautiful Concept—A Game Played Since The Dawn Of Humanity

Trolling is a game that has been going since the dawn of humanity and has evolved in the web

Is Originality Old-Fashioned? Is Creativity Dead? A Look at Remix Culture

Advertising, content, humour and the entire creative world is undergoing a dramatic change. Originality is no longer the key to acclaim. Over 50% of ads are rewrites of other ads, memes have made humour formulaic and all mediums of art are embracing imitation, replication and recontextualisation.

Big Day Out 2014: Sydney

From the dramatically underwhelmed response of Big Day Out’s potential punters alike to listless last minute lineup cancellations, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s been a bumpy twelve months for the team over at the BDO headquarters.

Going Back in Time | Uncontacted Tribes

Imagine for a moment you could step back in time. Before there was Facebook or blogs, even before cars or electricity. Imagine you could return thousands of years and witness life as it was pre-civilization.