The Ontology of Directories | A Philosophical Look at Business, Computing and the Internet

Are things really what we think they are? How about a solid rock? Or even something we ourselves defined like a directory listing? When we investigate the philosophy of it, we discover that we aren’t on ontologically solid ground, but then science gives us reassurance.

The History of the Directory (from Yellow Pages to dLook)

The business directory has come a long way since its humble hard copy beginnings to the online, full-featured dLook directory that we use today. This story involves developments like the Yellow Pages, newspaper classifieds, search engines, search engine advertising and vertical search, and it can teach us a thing or two about marketing in general.

5 Incredible (real life!) Libraries (and why we love books)

In this article we’ll show you 5 of the most breathtaking libraries in the world to hopefully rekindle some of that lost love of books. Because it’s easy to forget about the pleasures of quietly reading a book at the library in our digitised world.

What Is A Microsite & How Will Your Business Benefit From Having One

What Is A Microsite & How Will Your Business Benefit From Having One – Microsites are compact websites which highlight a product or service which are designed to engage user interaction through specific content without distraction or clutter.

dLook Creative | Be Found Online

dLook Creative | Improve your business online performance by tapping into the tried and tested methods employed by dLook. Running a 15M+ page directory and over 100 other niche market sites has given us insights into the best ways to achieve increased performance while maintaining an affordable price. Read on for more.