The Evolution of Digital Advertising

An infographic, created by PointRoll, illustrates the evolution of digital advertising, and how it spawned from computers and the Internet. The trend – in the last couple of years, the internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source of daily news consumption. This has forced news media outlets to move aggressively to digital; the New […]

Why specialty Cakes are Always Better than Supermarket Cakes

Planning a wedding, anniversary or children’s party? Find out about the ways in which an experienced cake designer and decorator can make your event a hit

The Best Times to Share on Twitter and Facebook

Maintaining an up-to-date social media life is becoming harder than ever these days.  It’s complicated enough to manage your day-to-day work activities and social life. Is there a benefit in using social media? Is it becoming a little overwhelming?  Is there too much social clutter? What’s the best time to post on Twitter or Facebook? […]