The Weird Facebook Mystery: Who and What is Tim Townsend, Bill Hitchert and Tiny Buzz? [Investigation]

Online detective case into the real identity and purpose of the bizzare Tim Townsend, Bill Hitchert and Tiny Buzz pages

Social Media advertising on 8 different sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+

Social media advertisements are often targeted in advanced and highly effective ways. Furthermore, they often reach consumers at times when they aren’t busy or in a bad mood, because much of social media use is recreational. If you’re convinced of the benefits of social media advertising for your business, then the choice is: which site? There are a plethora of options so we’ll go through the main ones which we have divided into: The Big Three and The Emerging Five.

Social Media for your Website – a walkthrough on connecting with consumers online

Realise the power of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to build brand relationships, brand communities, brand awareness and also to create credible consumer testimonials. Various ways to social media integrate your site.

DuckDuckGo | Escape your Search Engine’s Filter Bubble

This week’s Wonderful World of Web looks at a new breed of internet search engine that promises objective and private browsing. Read on to find out more about DuckDuckGo.

Top 5 All Ages Venues in Sydney

Caitlin explores the Sydney music scene but with an eye on venues that are open to All Ages – teenagers allowed! Sydney boasts some great music venues with both International and Australian artists filling them at every opportunity.